Unlimited bandwidth

Yes, we provide unlimited bandwidth! We’ve selected high quality servers around the world to provide you with fast connection speeds from anywhere that you connect.

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Up to 5 devices

All your gadgets and computers can be secured with a single subscription making VPN Shield a very convenient and economic solution. We have downloads for all major platforms.

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All new users can try VPN Shield FREE for 1 day, and you can easily extend that trial by 3 days more if you “Like” our page on Facebook.

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Frequently asked questions!

How many devices I can use per account?

With one subscription, you can use VPN Shield on up to 5 devices that belong to you.

How can I buy a subscription for a Windows PC or Windows Phone? Or is it not available at all?

You can purchase a subscription from VPN Shield for Windows 7/8/10 which you can download here. Windows Phone is not supported at this time.

I recently bought a 30-day subscription and then two hours later I bought a 7-day subscription. Does that mean that my subscription is valid for 7 days now, for 30 days or for 37 days?

Your subscription is now valid for 37 days. And, if you “Like” us on Facebook, we’ll add another 3 days to your subscription!